Energy is life

Energy is life

Energy is the force that moves the world. It means light and life. It is the basis of our existence, a fundamental pillar for a society in flux.

In Krodex Power Solutions we believe that all processes related to energy generation need to be optimised and in consequence we only offer products at the leading edge of technology.

For us there are no unsolvable problems; only challenges to be overcome. Our knowledge and experience allow us to offer maximum reliability to our customers who rely on us for their needs. This ensures that energy reaches cities, companies and people in the most efficient way possible.

In Krodex Power Solutions we consider ourselves to be a fundamental part of the power generation process.



We are a team of professionals and experts in high-technology mechanical and electrical equipment. We are proud of both our close relationship with our customers and our high level of expertise. In addition we are in constant pursuit of excellence.

After more than two decades in the industry we are very experienced in project development. In consequence, we are able to supply the most demanding customers in the industry CFE, Iberdrola, Gas Natural Fenosa, EDF, Abengoa, AES, NAES, Mitsui o Intergen and PEMEX in the world of Oil&Gas.

We are currently the sole Spanish suppliers for a wide range of prestigious international brands.




Encouraging the development of our customers, responding to their needs in a personalized way, satisfying their expectations and helping to build a future with sustainable value for shareholders, employees, partners and society in general.


Be the leading company in our industry and be able to create and anticipate future changes in consequence of our creative team and our ability to innovate.


Excellence and continuous improvement; valuing work with is well done with enthusiasm and perseverance; providing maximum added value and avoiding complacency.

Customer orientated, with maximum cooperation and responsiveness, improving the quality of relationships and service.

Team spirit, based on a sense of belonging and participation in a common project shared with our customers.

Autonomy and decision making, providing the necessary responsibility to facilitate the making of the most appropriate decisions at every level.

Initiative and vision, encouraging creativity and continuous improvement of all the people who form port of the company.

Acting honesty and positivity in every situation, encouraging full transparency both internally and externally.

Flexibility to respond faster and more appropriately to the situation and type of customer.


Our priority is to ensure that our clients are absolutely certain about the reliability of our solutions and services. Therefore we insist on the highest quality standards from our suppliers.

This is reflected in our Quality System based on the international quality standard UNE-EN ISO 9001, which governs all our work and guarantees customer satisfaction.

We are also certified supplier to RePro and we have also been approved by the Quality Assurance Group controlled by the owners of Spanish Nuclear Power Plants.

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ISO 9001---KRILINEX KRODEXGROUP Certificado del Grupo
de Garantía Nuclear---KRILINEX KRODEXGROUP

Quality and excellence are our priority.



In Krodex Power Solutions we are committed to environmental protection. We also sincerely believe that business activities have to have a positive impact on social welfare and that business has an obligation to help the most disadvantaged members of our society.

In consequence we are in active collaboration with Intermon Oxfam through its solidarity fund “TRANSFORMA”.

The TRANSFORMA project is a fund financed by Intermon Oxfam through donations from companies like ours that help local organisations and producer groups in developing countries.

Their projects focus on the most critical needs of communities in these countries: agriculture, education, support for women, etc.

Thanks to the continuing participation and regular contributions from Krodex Power Solutions and other like-minded companies, TRANSFORMA is able to implement its initiatives and encourage new ones.

Commitment, Solidarity and Social Justice: We are committed to the objectives of social welfare.



Krodex Power Solutions is headquartered in Mexico City from where we offer our services throughout the country. We also have presence in Monterrey and Durango. Furthermore, we have our own agent in USA.

Krilinex New Engieering is our newest subsidiary based in Madrid and dedicated exclusively to EPC turnkey projects. Finally, we have presence in Bilbao, where Krilinex Power Solutions is based.

We will find us where you need us: nationally or internationally.

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