Reliability, efficiency and durability.

Discover our wide range of exclusive internationally-recognized brands.

Mechanical equipment

Our mechanical equipment typically offers reliability, efficiency and durability. It is also backed up by an extensive installed base along with a list of list of international references. You can be confident in its reliability in all types of installations.


Online monitoring systems for electrical equipments and instrumentation

Our equipment offers solutions for first-rate predictive maintenance. This contributes to the minimization and appropriate planning of downtime which, in turn, generates substantial savings in the maintenance cost of facilities and an improvement in production time.



In Krodex Power Solutions we offer our customers a wide variety of services: monitoring of assembly, commissioning, overhaul of equipment, training, technical advice, etc.


In addition to the brands we exclusively represent, we are also experts at obtaining other equipment at extremely competitive prices. This includes: original spare parts, pipes, fittings, electronic components, various tools and much more.

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